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Conqure information overload with AI!

Why do you want to read long paragraphs when you don't have to?

Read summaries instead & find answers quickly to save time.

It is simple, super-fast & affordable. Try now for free!

How to use it? (See screenshots below)

  • Option 1: Click on flash-icon Logo next to any paragraph.
  • Option 2: Select text > Right Click > Select 'Summarize Text'
  • Find information: Click flash-icon Logo extension icon > Ask question

Guiding principles:

  • Mission: To make you smarter with LLM/AI.
  • Pricing: Offer cheapest access possible.
  • Privacy: No data is retained or sold.
  • Product: Top service & frequent updates

Option 1: Click on flash-icon Logo next to any paragraph to summarize. Paragraph content will be replaced with a summary.

Preview 1

Option 2: Select text, right click and select Summarize

Preview 3

Ask your question to find information from the page.

Preview 4

Answers will show up like this..

Preview 5